Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Mixed Reality, Technology of the Future!

Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Mixed Reality, Technology of the Future!​​



IT technology is making remarkable progress day by day. Among them, virtual reality augmented reality mixed reality, which many people have experienced now, is not only receiving a lot of attention around the world, but it is also a field that has been very devoted to. So today, we’re going to talk about virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.Basically, it is called VR, AR, and MR, respectively.​



Among virtual reality augmented reality mixed reality, virtual reality, which corresponds to VR, refers to consuming content in a complete virtual space, not in reality. Maximize the experience of the digital world in a virtual space, not in the real world. It is completely blocked from the real world, and for this purpose, when you experience VR, you can put a display on your head, and if you wear not only your head but also your headset, you can be more immersed.​



In the case of the next augmented reality, it corresponds to AR, and you can think of it as a layer of additive based on the reality we live in. It’s not a complete virtual space, but it’s being produced on the real world.Therefore, you can experience digital with a very high sense of reality and get useful information in the real world.You can enjoy it without any additional equipment, so it’s less immersive, but it’s very good in terms of convenience.​



In the case of representative augmented reality games, there is Pokemon GO, which once hit the trend, and it was not a high-quality augmented reality, but it was also a game that opened a new era of augmented reality. Next is the last mixed reality among virtual reality augmented reality mixed reality. It’s also called MR. It’s something that many people don’t know.You can think of this as a mixture of virtual reality immersion and augmented reality technology.​



In other words, you can think of it as an appropriate mixture of immersion from complete virtual reality and reality that can only be felt in augmented reality.It is attracting attention as a technology that can maximize the usability and utility of information because it can interact with users in real time by mixing newly generated information in a convergence space that combines realistic virtual information by utilizing only each advantage.​



These virtual reality augmented reality mixed reality technologies are acting as new marketing elements in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and are bringing freshness to consumers. Because it can be used in so many different directions, the possibilities are still endless, and in the new era, you can experience things you haven’t experienced before with more advanced technologies.​



These are technologies that are expected to show more in the future because many developments are already being made and many are actually being used. Please pay attention to virtual reality augmented reality mixed reality and use various functions as it is closely related to smartphones as well as marketing.​