About machine learning deep learning differences!

About machine learning deep learning differences!​​



Artificial intelligence and robots are indispensable in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. However, there are surprisingly many people who can’t tell the difference because there are so many terms that come out, such as machine learning deep learning, and especially because it is considered to artificial intelligence. Conceptually, in the case of machine learning deep learning differences, it can be expressed that there is deep learning in machine learning, and it is good to think that artificial intelligence is the biggest concept.​



In the case of artificial intelligence, it is a technology that realizes not only human learning ability, but also reasoning ability, perceptual ability, and understanding of natural language through computer programs. It’s a very futuristic technology, and based on that, computers can now mimic human intelligent behavior. This concept is artificial intelligence, and in the case of machine learning, you can think of it as a very sub-concept of artificial intelligence.​



It’s also called machine learning, and it’s one of the ways to enable artificial intelligence, and to be specific, if a computer goes through the process of analyzing data and learning on its own, it has the ability to recognize patterns. Therefore, computers can make judgments or decisions even though they have not entered information, and this is machine learning, that is, machine learning.​



Deep learning is a more subconcept here, so in a way, it’s good to think of it as a computer that learns on its own. Computers can sort more data by themselves and tie them together to figure out the vertical relationship.That’s why there is a difference in machine learning deep learning, and machine learning is where humans first enter data into the computer and learn, and the computer makes a new prediction based on the results of learning.​



However, deep learning has a difference in machine learning deep learning that allows humans to learn on their own and predict future situations without having to teach. In the end, you can have something in common in learning on your own, but in fact, deep learning is a smarter artificial intelligence than machine learning. Therefore, deep learning technology also has the expectation to solve problems that humans cannot solve.​

The computer’s ability to process data is showing an image that is faster and more accurate than humans. Both machine learning and deep learning are used in various fields, and now that the era of the 4th industrial revolution has come, it is easy to see that they are used around us. It is used not only in science but also in various ways such as computer, game, virtual reality, and biology.​



AlphaGo is a representative example of deep learning, and it is better to know the difference in machine learning deep learning in understanding the contents of the upcoming 4th industrial revolution in advance, so please prepare for the future.