Self-driving level, cutting-edge technology!

Self-driving level, cutting-edge technology!​​



Now there are new technologies emerging in automobiles. Among them, we will learn about autonomous driving today, and artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and virtual reality are combined, so cars that drive on their own without human driving have been developed, and they have autonomous driving levels according to the steps. This will result in levels ranging from 0 to 5 depending on the level of driving technology realisation and maturity.​



Autonomous driving level 0 has no function related to autonomous driving, so it is a level where people drive all parts and watch the situation. It can be said to be most old vehicles, and from Level 1 it is easy to see around. It is only in the stage of sending warnings in certain situations, and various sensors provide various auxiliary functions.​



Since there are cameras and sensors inside the vehicle, it is a stage where a warning is issued in certain situations. Recent vehicles are self-driving level 2 because they are equipped with an intelligent driver assistance system.It is a partially autonomous vehicle and can control speed and steering at the same time.​



In addition to the ability to drive only certain lanes, it also prevents the brakes from automatically operating or steering rapidly if the distance from the car in front of you is getting closer. However, in areas where roads are complicated or where there are many vehicles, the driver must drive himself.The next level of self-driving level 3 is to avoid obstacles on the road.Monitoring is transferred to the autonomous driving system, which greatly reduces the burden on the driver.​



The car will be able to detect and avoid obstacles on its own, and if the road is blocked, it will automatically make a detour to another road. However, in some cases, the car may request direct control, so the driver is comfortable, but you should keep an eye on the vehicle. As of yet, due to stability concerns, some automakers have not introduced phase three.​



From Level 4, humans are finally at a level where they are almost minimized. Although it is not yet commercialized, the vehicle is at a stage where it can drive safely on its own, and even if it ignores the vehicle’s request to intervene in vehicle control, it will drive safely on its own. Complex city centers and curved roads are also steps that allow you to drive safely on your own.​



In the last five steps, you can drive without any human intervention, so if you set your destination, you will automatically move. At this time, since the driver’s seat is not needed, it is highly likely that the vehicle will be made into various forms and used as a new space, so full self-driving cars in the future can bring many changes to our lives.​