New Energy Renewable Energy, New Energy!

New Energy Renewable Energy, New Energy!​​



In the not-too-distant future, many problems will arise due to the imbalance between demand and supply of energy. We’re looking for countermeasures against energy depletion because we’re almost running out of fossil fuels, and basically saving money is very important, but saving money doesn’t prevent fuel from running out, so we need to develop new renewable energy.​



We are already developing a variety of energy not only in Korea but also around the world, and renewable energy is called renewable energy by combining them, and we are developing them to convert them into renewable energy using not only fossil fuels but also sunlight and water that can be easily seen around them.​



First of all, new energy is not the energy used before, but it is a whole new energy. In addition, it includes energy created by combining new technologies with existing energy sources, and examples include coal liquefaction gasification, hydrogen, and fuel cells. In the case of fuel cells, it is a technology that converts chemical energy into electrical energy by reversely using the decomposition of water into hydrogen and oxygen through electricity.​



Hydrogen energy is already being used a lot, and it is very easy to transport and store in a gas or liquid state. However, because hydrogen technology is costly, it is still focused on research and development. Renewable energy among new energy renewable energy is to turn waste back into renewable energy.It is a technology that can be converted into electricity, heat, and fuel through animal waste, wind, and water.​



These renewables include solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy, and you’ve probably heard of them at least once.In the case of renewable energy, it costs a lot of money in the early stages. However, securing solid technology is the first priority because it is an essential process to replace depleted fossil fuels.​



If we think of nature as well as future energy, new energy renewable energy is essential, so we are continuously developing it to replace fossil fuels and nuclear power, and we must actively use clean energy to give our descendants a rich life. New energy is evolving to replace new technologies as well as existing ones.​



So we’ve looked at renewable energy, and renewable energy is now easy to see around us. These are eco-friendly technologies that can be used in everyday life, such as cars that charge with electricity and use electricity with solar power generators at home, but do not cause pollution. It’s also a good way for nature to try these technologies yourself.​