Types of coding certificates, so many different!

Types of coding certificates, so many different!​​



The ability to use computers is now becoming a competitive and self-expression specification.Among them, today we will learn about the certification related to coding, which is the basis of the 4th Industrial Revolution.If you’re interested in coding, it’s good to know because you need to know your certificate to know what things to study.​



The type of coding certificate that I will introduce first is SW coding qualification. This is a method of using and evaluating scratches and entries, which are the basis of block coding.It evaluates computational thinking and problem solving, algorithm design, programming language understanding, and physical computing understanding.The first level is not being implemented, and the second and third levels are in progress.​



Next is the YBM. Although this institution is widely known as TOEIC, the IT center has now also emerged, and the YBM IT center has made it possible to take coding tests and various IT-related tests. Among them, COS uses scratches and entries to evaluate block coding capabilities and is being conducted on computers from start to end.​



Evaluations are available for beginners to professionals and families, and a variety of knowledge will be evaluated. Here’s the COS Pro. This is a type of coding certificate that uses Python, C, C++, and Java, and the entire test process is also done on the computer, so you can see the results as soon as the test is over. This requires design and implementation skills, so if you get a COS, you can prove your ability to use programming well.​



Next, there are information processing technicians and web design technicians in the types of coding certificates that are not directly related to coding. Information processing technicians evaluate subjects such as database electronic computer operating systems and software engineering data communication and include coding-related tests.You have to know a lot of things because you have to take the test in a variety of items.​



In the case of web design technicians, they evaluate the design, Internet, and web graphic design, and they evaluate planning the homepage or using hHtml language, Css, etc. In addition, there are CLA/CPA/CPP, TOPCIT, CSTS, etc., so please know what you need because there are various fields to study coding.​



Basically, there are common parts, but there are many different types of tests, so it is good to know the type of coding certificate and prepare accordingly. You can use a certificate as a means of proving yourself, so please prepare a certificate that suits you in advance.