Energy voucher system, what kind of system is it?

Energy voucher system, what kind of system is it?​​



Have you heard of the energy voucher system? There are probably a lot of people who don’t know, especially if you’re in the energy-vulnerable class who’s worried about the upcoming winter heating costs, please listen even more. It is one of the government-made systems to stay cool in summer and warm in winter as well as in winter.​



The government has implemented an energy voucher system for the energy-vulnerable class, but you can easily think of energy vouchers as a right to use them. It is a system that supports the purchase and purchase of electricity, city gas, district heating, kerosene, and LPG. That’s why not everyone can get this system.​



Income standards should be recipients of livelihood benefits or medical benefits under the National Basic Living Security Act, and there is also a characteristic standard for household relief, so it is recommended to visit the website of the energy voucher to check if you are eligible.These energy voucher schemes are divided into two main types.​



The type varies depending on the season, and in the summer when the heat persists, you can only select a fee reduction and apply, and in the upcoming winter, you can choose between a fee reduction and a national happiness card. First of all, in the case of rate reduction, the amount is automatically deducted as much as the subsidy from the bill.In summer, of course, electricity, and in winter, you can choose between electricity, city gas, and district heating.​



If you choose one thing and apply for the most recent bill at the town officePlease note that it will be automatically deducted from that part from the month of last month. The following national happiness cards are made for households that use kerosene, LPG, and briquettes.You can also apply at the office and issue a national happiness card at institutions such as banks, which allow you to purchase kerosene, briquettes, and LPG.​



Of course, you can’t do it anywhere, but only at franchises, so you can also get help on the Energy Voucher website.We have looked into the energy voucher system, and it is a very precious system for the energy vulnerable, so if you didn’t know, please check the conditions and apply now.​



It is conducted through the process of application, selection, payment, use/settlement, and follow-up management, and cash is not paid, so cash is not available. Through this, I hope you can reduce your maintenance costs even a little bit, and I hope you have a warmer winter and a cooler summer.​