File extension type, good to know!

File extension type, good to know!​​



We get various information through computers, work, and spend our free time. Now, smartphones take over the role of computers, but most people use computers, and when you use computers, you can easily see various files.​



Each file has an extension, which is usually followed by a name, indicating its type. There are so many different types of file extensions depending on the program and type you use, so today we’re going to talk about these extensions.​



Most document file extensions are marked as abbreviations for the program being used. The Excels that I really use a lot are xls, xlsx, and the power point is ppt or pptx, and the file saved as a word has an extension of .doc or docx.Moving on to the design program, Photoshop is divided into psd and illustrator is ai.​

So just checking the file extension type makes it easy to know what program you used. There’s a whole variety of extensions out there.The document written in Notepad is txt, and if it is written in Hancom Office, it has an extension of hwp.​



They’re extensions that many of you might have seen, and there’s a lot of different kinds of images. There are bmp, gif, jpg, png, raw, and so on. This is divided by resolution differences, and the most commonly used extension here is definitely jpg.Although it is a loss compression method, the image quality is excellent compared to the capacity, and it supports RPG and CMYK modes except for transparent images.Recently, however, I am using png that has both gif and jpg advantages.​



The following sound files include wav, wma, mp3, and mp4. Each extension shows a difference in compression method and sound quality. If it’s a video file, there are mkv, avi, flv, and mov.As expected, the representative format is avi, and you can think of it as a file format that can be compressed and reproduced by Microsoft.​

So we’ve looked at the file extensions, and there are a lot of other extensions. Please note that if you want to open and modify this file, you should use the same program because you can see what program it is by just looking at the extension.