Python basic programming, if you start for the first time?

Python basic programming, if you start for the first time?​​



Recently, many people are interested in programming.There are many people who receive professional/literary/professional education, but there are many people who do it by themselves, and I think it’s hard for those who are trying for the first time or are interested in it, but unexpectedly, programming is easy and fun to start.​



Of course, it is difficult if you proceed to the in-depth course, but if it is your first time, you can enjoy learning it through Python basic programming.Python has the advantage of being easy to learn because it is open-source software that anyone can use and it is a coding language for beginners.But it’s hard to master, so it’s definitely not easy.​



So if you’re learning coding and programming for the first time, try Python. In addition to supporting the multi-programming language paradigm, the outlook is quite good as many communities are supported, excellent code readability, and code lines are written in small numbers.Of course, the most commonly used coding language now is JavaScript, and Python is likely to become a popular coding language in the near future.​



But of course, it’s not just a merit. The productivity is very good, but the computational speed is inversely proportional to this, so the computational speed is slow. But now, it’s not very slow, so the upward trend continues steadily, and in fact, in the United States, it’s recognized as the most recommended coding language for beginners.​



Now, as we move into the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, many people have begun to become interested in coding, and there are many areas that can be said to be essential in the future to be designated as compulsory education. That’s why first-time access is more important than anything else, and Python is the programming that helps with this first-time. Recently, the frequency of developing mobile apps through Python is also increasing.​



Python basic programming can be taught by itself. But it’s really easy to hit the limit of doing it alone.Therefore, at this time, it is best to get help from the whole/text/teaching, and if it is coding-related education, please get help from the Korea Coding Academy so that you can have more expertise/text/teaching skills or enjoy it as a hobby.​



The Korea Coding Academy, which deals only with coding, continues to develop and update new coding classes. Lectures on various programs, as well as customized lectures for me, are being held online and offline, so if you are interested, please look for them.​