How to look at computer power, the heart of a computer!

How to look at computer power, the heart of a computer!​​



Today, we’re going to learn about the power of the heart of a computer.There are a lot of people who know about other parts, but relatively don’t know about power, or they don’t know about the importance of power. However, power is the driving force behind the computer and can be used for a long time without any problems using stable products.​



Basically, the power of a computer is called power supply, and the unit is using watts (W).Therefore, if you look at the Power Supply products, you can easily find W. Of course, it’s important to use the right power for your computer, and the more you use high-end parts, the more power you need, so you have to choose high wattage power.​



Power also varies greatly by brand and rating.That’s why when choosing computer power, you need to consider ratings, brands, and period W as. First, in order to choose the right power for you, it is better to calculate the capacity of your computer parts and leave about 100W.​



Of course, it’s good to choose a good brand. In the case of power, it is stable to choose a brand that does not cause problems as much as possible because it does not end with just one power, but has a tremendous impact on other parts. However, considering both brands and ratings, the price/class increases, so if there is a limit to the budget, there is actually a part that needs to be compromised.​



For important grades in computer power viewing, there are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium grades.It means that the better the grade, the better the power efficiency.In addition, if the power efficiency is good, the power supply’s built-in parts are good, and electricity bills/gold are also economical, but they are somewhat heavy.​



We’ve learned how to view computer power, so think about the brand and grade as the basis, and think carefully about this because the power depends on the parts you’re going to use. I hope you can take your time and try to use your computer for a long time with a stable power supply.​



In the case of power, brands can be more important than other parts in a way.If you don’t want to damage other parts because it’s a device that needs to be reliably powered, buy/buy a good brand of power, and be aware that too low/cheap brands can pose a risk of explosion in severe cases.​