Big data use cases, various cases!

Big data use cases, various cases!



Have you ever heard of Big Data? You’ve probably heard of Big Data along with the 4th and IT industries at least once.But there are times when we don’t know how these data are used or needed in real life, and in fact, big data was being used in a variety of places.​



Big data is not just big data. It is a technology that collects, stores, analyzes, and utilizes various information online, and based on this analyzed data, it provides us with various information or necessary information in the right place.​



For example, there is a transportation part. Traffic information is provided based on data collected from vehicle communication devices and roadside base stations, weather information and unexpected situation information are provided to drivers, and traffic accident analysis is possible.​



The analysis of features is really used as a big data use case. Depending on the behavior, pattern, and time zone that people often do, different behaviors are analyzed in the form of data and results are derived, and this process provides convenient information to users. Therefore, the importance of big data is increasing with the trend of the times, and not only domestic but also overseas companies are using it a lot.​



Big data can create greater value and can be used not only in transportation, but also in general culture, including tourism, medical care, marketing, broadcasting, music, and movies, so there will be more and more cases of big data over time. In the case of big data, diversity of data is the most important because predictions can be made more accurately only when various causal relationships are identified and analyzed through various data.​



In addition to text data, images, video, audio, and so on, data exist in a variety of forms, and this analysis can create new value. Companies will be able to generate new profits, and the country will be able to use them to identify disasters and prevent crimes.​



Although there are more and more cases of using big data, it is highly likely to infringe on private life, and caution is also required as it is necessary to be careful about leakage.In the future, big data will continue to be generated. So it’s time to build an infrastructure for data archiving and analytics.​