Let’s learn about the seven principles of using artificial intelligence!

Let’s learn about the seven principles of using artificial intelligence!



Now that artificial intelligence systems are so advanced, the technology of information and communication is beyond imagination. Therefore, because it is close to life and helps a lot, the principle of protecting users is also emerging, and guidelines and recommendations are being issued by the international community, including advanced European countries, and today we will learn about the seven principles of artificial intelligence.​



The first of the seven principles of utilizing artificial intelligence is the provision of people-centered services.Users must be people and human dignity must be protected while guaranteeing freedom and rights.The principle is to provide an environment that provides services so that everyone can enjoy even benefits. The second case is transparency and explainability.​ artificial intelligence



Relevant information should be disclosed to the extent that it does not infringe on legitimate interests, basic rights should never be harmed, and the user should be able to explain to the extent technically possible. The third is accountability. The use of artificial intelligence requires compliance with laws and contracts for legal, social, and ethical breaches. Members must participate in the constant exchange of views.​



Next is safety. The principle is that both developers and users should make efforts to use it, secure a recovery plan for expected damage in advance, and then establish and operate the system through mutual consultation.Next, there is a ban on discrimination.In the case of the prohibition of discrimination, it is to consider diversity in using writing skills to solve the problem, knowing that there is an unfair social and economic gap. Therefore, we must try not to discriminate at all levels.​



The following are the participation parts.Members living in the information age must participate in the policy process without discrimination and create regular channels for practical exchange of opinions, and finally individual privacy and data governance.We should not only protect our privacy, but also try to reduce the negative factors.​



Through these seven principles of utilizing artificial intelligence, everyone should make efforts to overcome many problems that will arise in the future and make use of the new society. Developers and users must continue to discuss and make good decisions because not all countries have been decided yet.​



As there are three principles of robots as well as artificial intelligence, the time has come not only in movies and games but also in reality. Therefore, we must create basic principles so that technological advances do not harm people so that we can create a bright future.​


artificial intelligence is GOOD!