If you want to buy a P15A portable monitor, please refer to it

If you want to buy a P15A portable monitor, please refer to it



Until recently, I used a regular LCD monitor to use a dual monitor at home.It was a little uncomfortable, but I was just using it because it wasn’t too much to work on, but as I tried to work in earnest, I wanted to build a comfortable working environment, so I recognized a portable monitor.I was looking for a number of products and searching for used products with some standards.

1. Convenient portability
2. Good connection scalability
3. While looking at various products based on the standard of not being expensive



I chose Zeus Lab products.As I looked into this and that, there were many reviews that Zeus Lab products had good cost-effectiveness.
I was also looking for used products, but there seemed to be little difference between used products and new products, so I decided to just buy a new product if there was a difference of 20,000 won to 30,000 won. P15A



There were about three basic models depending on the model name. P15B is the most basic model (the model I bought).
P15BT is a battery-embedded turgid screen model and P15A model at the lowest price through Enuri, Danawa, and Naver. The battery-embedded model or touch model is more expensive, so the basic model can be used as an auxiliary battery connection.So I ordered it like this and received it in a day.



No matter how cost-effective it is, it is an electronic product, but it was packaged in a plastic bag without an outbox and delivered. I guess the seller has little idea about this. This plastic wrap is used only when shipping lightweight products, but it’s ridiculousHonestly, even if I order a book, it doesn’t come out like this​

It’s a product box inside the plastic delivery address.Electronic product delivery without styrofoam lol If I open that, my portable monitor will come out right away, right?​



There’s another package inside. I’m sure it’s the real productThere’s a model name on the bottom left, P15A, and Made in ChinaAs expected, the cost-effective product must be made in China. Of course I thought it would.And while looking at Made in China, open the plastic wrap and open the box.

Look at the open product. I can’t let go of your expectations.There’s no plastic packaging on all kinds of cable lines, and there’s a manual paperFortunately, this product is wrapped in styrofoamYou can see it well. When I did a preliminary investigation, each cable was also wrapped in plastic, but the cable lines are all scattered, maybe it’s just the product I bought.Fortunately, I don’t have to buy another cable to connect to my laptopIt is also included in the scalability that I considered purchasing.HDMI, Type C, and USB seem to be all connected.Now, let’s take a look at the monitor that you’ve been waiting forTa-da! You don’t let go of your expectations



The monitor holder is pretty goodGasp! But the basic film protecting the LCD came with such a sloppy finish.Even though it’s a cost-effective product, it’s a new product, but it shouldn’t come like thatIf there’s nothing wrong with the monitor, I’ll just use it.I’ve seen a lot of disappointments and conditions, but I’ve tried configuring a dual environment with my laptop.​



So this is how it’s connected to my laptop.
It worked fine. As you can see, I’ve configured a dual environment using my auxiliary battery as a power source.That’s why I didn’t buy a battery-embedded product for tens of thousands of won more.The screen condition is…Compared to my laptop, I can see a little pee. I can actually see a little bit more.

I tried to set it up by changing the RGB value of the monitor, but even that was a little difficult.I just decided to use it as it is. I read other reviews that it’s hardware, so setting the value doesn’t improve that muchEvery product has its pros and cons. However, I personally think that you should purchase the product if you can cover the advantages and disadvantages to some extent depending on your usage.



It’s true that packaging and finish are disappointing, but considering scalability and portability, I don’t think it’s a bad choice.The weight of this product is 750g, and it weighs a little over 2kg even if I carry it with my laptop, so I think it’ll be convenient to carry it out to work at a cafe sometimes Of course, COVID-19 needs to end soonFinally, one of the disadvantages of this product is that the response speed is a bit slow.At first, I almost regretted the slow response, but now I don’t know if I’ve adjusted or if my laptop has adjusted, but I’m using it well without much inconvenience.



For those who want dual environment for cost-effectiveness, I don’t think it’s a bad choice.However, if you are working with delicate work or graphic work, I will not recommend this product.Then, I will finish the P15A purchase and use review that I bought with my own money.