Algorithmic flow chart, step by step procedure!

Algorithmic flow chart, step by step procedure!​​



Flowchart is an indispensable element of an algorithm. Here, the flow chart can be said to be the process of drawing the order and plan of the source before programming, and it is essential to code, and it will be possible to improve coding skills because it can make plans in your head as well as reduce mistakes.​



Therefore, it is good to draw an algorithm flow chart, but if you are familiar with coding, it is a process of passing it because it is annoying, but if you make a lot of mistakes, please make sure to write it. The flow chart contains several symbols.Of course, symbols have a set commitment, so you must know to make a flow chart.​



The long circle is the terminal symbol, which indicates the beginning and end of the flow chart. The symbol with the shape of the rectangle is the processing symbol and is used to display sentences other than functions. There are operations in general. A shape in which a rectangle is lying is an input/output symbol and is used for input and output functions.​



For long-shaped hexagons, the preparatory symbol used to declare variables when coding and to set initialization values.A rhombus symbol is a decision symbol that is used to execute different treatment symbols, such as if statements and switches, due to true and false variables, or depending on the value. Finally, there’s a symbol for the sentence and it’s a very large rectangle. In the case of while and do while, you must use a different method because it does not actually have a symbol.​



In fact, there are a lot of symbols in the case of symbols, but even if you know these six big things, you can get a lot of help in creating an algorithmic flow chart, which allows you to organize the order of programs. That’s why mistakes will be reduced, and if it’s a beginner or an important program, make sure to draw it.​



Nothing special is needed to draw an algorithmic flow chart. You can draw it yourself with a pen or you can easily write it through a program called PowerPoint or Visio. Or you can get help from a site that only writes procedures, and if it’s your first time, there’s a limit to doing it alone, so it’s a good idea to get trained and proceed.​



We looked into the algorithm flow chart like this, and if you are self-taught or interested in coding or programs, please refer to the education of the Korea Coding Academy. We only provide coding education, so you will be able to get various information.​