IoT Advantage, Core Technology of the Future!

IoT Advantage, Core Technology of the Future!​​



Now, as we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, so many new technologies have emerged. Among them, today we will learn about the advantages of IoT called IoT.Basically, the Internet of Things refers to a technology that connects to the Internet by embedding sensors and communication functions in various objects, and connects to each object through wireless communication.​



However, the Internet of Things has essential elements, and things must have the intelligence to judge and act on their own, and each object must be connected to each other to communicate with each other. Communication through network connections must be able to create new values and provide better services through intelligent judgment.​



That’s why IoT advantages are so common in everyday life. Since daily life is automated, you can monitor various devices with a smartphone and control them easily. The increased efficiency will save you time in a variety of situations.​



The advantages of IoT bring us a lubricated life, but on the contrary, if hacked, privacy violations and security problems will occur. In addition, compatibility between devices can also cause problems, and if there is an unemployed person or a device error, it can have fatal consequences, so it is not just an IoT advantage.​



Simply put, the advantage of IoT is convenience, but the disadvantage is security. But to prevent this, security companies are continuing to develop new solutions, and the prospects for the Internet of Things are, of course, endless.By next year, we expect to use as many as 26 billion IoT technologies, and over time, the economic value will increase tremendously.​



It fills the gap between the digital world and the physical world we live in, but we should be especially careful about security because the moment it is hacked, it can cause tremendous damage from safety to various things.But the benefits of convenience from the Internet of Things are better than anything else, so I’m looking forward to seeing it progressively.​



So we looked at the advantages, disadvantages, and prospects of the Internet of Things, and the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution has already begun. As a result, there are many new jobs as well as disappearing jobs, and it is of course important to prepare for the future, so please prepare for the future in various ways.