The basics of software type programs!

The basics of software type programs!​​



Today, we are going to learn about the types of software our company is using. Software can be divided into two main categories: system software and application software.It means different things, so if you’re dealing with a program, it’s good to know.​



Think of the software as basically a program that’s a set of instructions that instructs and controls the hardware and allows you to get results accordingly. Therefore, the software types are divided into system software that controls and manages the operation of the device system and application software that helps users do what they need to do.​



First, in the case of system software, you can think of it as a program not only to operate the computer but also to use it more efficiently. Therefore, anyone who knows how to use the software without knowing the structure or characteristics of the hardware can use it, and the typical software is the operating system.​



As many of you have probably heard of the operating system, Linux and DOS, including Windows, are included, and smartphones are the same, so anyone who knows how to use the software can use it even if they do not have no knowledge of hardware. In addition, utility programs help you use them more conveniently.​



The following software types include application software. This is a program designed to achieve a certain purpose.Therefore, we provide purposeful functions, and the software we commonly use includes documentation programs, calculators, and communication programs.​



There is a wide variety of software because it is divided according to the purpose, and you can get help through various software such as games and education, special tasks, general office work, etc. Software is indispensable in our lives because users can choose and use what suits their purpose.​



The smartphone that we use every day is also a collection of software types. Parts and specifications are hardware, and Android OS, iOS, and apps that operate and manage them are all software, so how well you can handle them in the future is the key.