What are the 5g technology principles?​​

What are the 5g technology principles?​​



5G, a new mobile communication technology, is making big and small changes in our lives. In the case of mobile communication, it is already indispensable, but as new values are created here, the overall life itself is changing.It’s not just on smartphones, it’s creating new added values through the 5g technology principle.​



So today, let’s take a look at the 5g technology principle that creates new added value. The first principle is high-speed mobile communication. It’s still fast, but it’s at least 20 times faster than the previous generation, so it’s an environment where you can move quickly without any problems even with large amounts of data.​



Therefore, the technologies that can be developed by this are VR and AR, which are very different from the previous 4G because they use ultra-fastness among the 5g technology principles. Also, the essential part of 5g is high reliability ultra-low latency. It’s not just speed up.Because the response delay has been reduced by 1/10, it makes it possible to process incoming information immediately.​



The development of technology here has created new value due to the influence of network technology that can respond intelligently. That’s where autonomous vehicles are, and because they can transmit vast amounts of data quickly and respond immediately, there may be no more driver concept in the future.​



Response speed, as well as automobiles, is an essential technology for life-related medical and public safety and transportation systems. The last 5g technical principle is hyper-integrity.You’ve probably heard a lot about loT, the Internet of Things. Typically, there is a smartphone, and sensors have entered various objects, and now it is possible to connect with various objects, and these connected devices are interacting with each other.​



To realize these technologies, you must basically know the 5g technology principles and start commercialization.As we have come to a world where you can enjoy comfort beyond convenience, how well you handle it is the most important thing to prepare for the future, and the basis is coding.​



Coding and software and the technology that deals with them will become more important in the future, and it is most important to prepare quickly for the upcoming fourth industry. There are many jobs that disappear, but there are many new jobs, so please prepare for the future industry through various preparations.​

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