Renewable energy types Future resources!​​

Renewable energy types Future resources!​​



In modern times, fossil fuels are mostly used to generate energy in the development of science and technology. As a result, the convenience of life has improved beyond words, but on the contrary, the environment has become so polluted that resources are limited that they are running out, creating new problems. So in the future, new energy will be used.​



In the case of renewable energy, resources are not limited and do not pollute the environment. It’s a combination of new and renewable energy, and it’s a term for renewable energy, like water and solar and biological organisms, and it includes hydrogen, fuel cells, solar heat, wind power, and bio.​



These types and characteristics of renewable energy are not depleted, and they are not only in certain areas such as oil, but are relatively evenly distributed and emit less pollutants, so they are eco-friendly. In the case of power plants, they are greatly affected by the natural environment when constructing them.​



First of all, if you are using a lot of renewable energy, there is solar energy. It uses photovoltaic power generation systems and converts light energy into electrical energy. Therefore, it is useful because it does not create pollution or require fuel separately, but it is a problem with the cost/use of initial installation, limited location, and proportional solar radiation and electricity production.​



In the case of wind energy, it is a technology that uses the power of the wind to make energy. In most cases, electricity is generated through generators, so it can be installed in windy areas or seen on mountains and coasts. In Korea, energy is produced using the difference between the tides.​



If water is trapped in high tide and low tide, the water gate is opened and the water is discharged at once. At this time, the turbine of the generator is turned to produce electricity, and recently, a double-flow technology capable of two-way discharge has been newly applied, producing twice as much energy as before.​



Other types of renewable energy include bioenergy and hydrogen energy. In the future, in order to use it and think about the environment, we have to reduce the use of fossil fuels that we are using now. However, since the technology to properly utilize it has not been developed, it is still lacking.​

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