Take care of the drone battery like this!

Take care of the drone battery like this!​​



Many people fly drones as a hobby, and if they take out drones after a long time, or if they are models, the battery discharge efficiency is often very low. Buying good products is important, but more importantly, drone battery management.This is because even if it is the same battery, the usage time of one year may vary.​



Of course, it doesn’t matter if you buy a new battery, but if you’re thinking about switching to a higher-end gas later, management becomes more important. The batteries used in drones are basically lithium polymer batteries.The key to this drone battery management is first to maintain proper voltage.​



If stored at a negative voltage, it will cause fullness, and if stored at a low voltage, it will not be able to be used again because of overdischarge.Therefore, be careful because the battery will be broken either way if it is not the right voltage. Usually, when the battery is fully charged, the voltage is maintained at 4.2 V, and the appropriate voltage is between 3.7 and 3.85 V per cell.​



I knew the proper voltage like this, but there are people who are curious about how to check it. In the case of voltage, it can be checked through other equipment and it is not too much of a burden, so check it out. If the voltage of the battery is low or high, charge or discharge it. In case of discharge, shortening the hovering is sufficient.​



In addition, the equipment is light enough to fly the fitted loadron, so it can be set to sound an alarm if it falls from the appropriate voltage. This is a setting to prevent overdischarge, and if overdischarge occurs, the battery will not be able to be used again, so be careful.​



Balancing each cell is also very helpful for drone battery management. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the voltage through the cell balance of the charged battery. Or, if you buy/sell the charger itself at a high level, it automatically charges and discharges according to the ideal voltage when it is not used for a long time.​



However, a good charger is that expensive, so please refer to it, and try flying a drone for a longer time through drone battery management. In the case of storage, adequate temperature maintenance is life, and wherever it is not humid and does not reach direct sunlight is fine.​