Future environmental jobs, how will they change?

Future environmental jobs, how will they change?​



Our jobs are changing a lot with the times. In the past, because it was an agricultural society, most people were engaged in agriculture, and there are many new jobs such as factories and service industries as the times progress, but there are many jobs that are disappearing.So today, we’re going to talk about future environmental jobs.​



In the future, the era of the fourth industrial revolution will come, so many jobs related to the Internet of Things and big data industries, including artificial intelligence, will be created.In addition, since most jobs are now replaced by artificial intelligence, there are many jobs that will disappear from future environmental jobs.​



Surprisingly, environmental jobs will receive a lot of attention because the environment will be applied to future environmental jobs. Representatively, there is an indoor air quality manager, which is newly established in a national capacity, and similarly, there is an environmental consultant. This is because minimizing environmental pollution will become more important in the future.​



Environmental jobs are attracting a lot of attention as future environmental jobs. And since the IT industry is also an indispensable part, there will be new fields/texts/jobs/paper that can handle artificial intelligence, VR, AR, the Internet of Things, smart farms, etc. in the field of high-tech science and technology. The key here is definitely programming ability.​



Therefore, in order to survive in the future, it will be important to know software knowledge and develop creativity and thinking skills through coding education, which is the most basic. Coding has already been selected as compulsory education abroad, and Korea is also gradually increasing its education related to coding to compulsory education.​



Future environmental jobs also have drones. In the case of drones, they will be in the spotlight in the future because they are controlling drones to replace what humans cannot do, and they will all be necessary personnel in the future, from pilots to developers. We’ve looked into future environmental jobs, and it’s best to be prepared in advance because a lot of changes will be made from now on.​



There are a lot of technologies that are already in progress and are being realized. However, if you prepare in advance, you can prepare without worrying, so make various efforts to survive the competition in the era of the 4th industrial revolution and take the lead without being swept away by change.