Why do I need a custom jewelery license? If you are a workshop operator, you must check it out.

Why do I need a custom jewelery license? If you are a workshop operator, you must check it out.


It’s getting hotter these days
No more scarf around your neck. in the midst of boredom
Wearing an accessory or two
The cool summer is coming.




Making your own jewelry
It’s gaining a lot of popularity because of Corona
From a hobby to a job, there are many steps
As I went through, there were many things I needed.​





Among them, the person who runs the studio
personal accessories at home
As more and more people make and sell
Contact us to know better skills and methods
The number of people is increasing.​





to learn better skills
I want to teach more professionally
I want to improve my skills more…
There are many reasons and so on.





Making earrings, necklaces and other accessories
What a lot of people are curious about
That’s part of the certification.




I’m good at making this, but I have a professional license
If you want to acquire and operate properly
What you need to get is
I am a custom jewelry instructor.^^


Who is the custom jewelry guide?
In lieu of expensive jewels or materials
Anyone can easily access
Practical ornaments using materials
It is a process of making.



individual and unique design
Because I make ornaments, depending on the target
From high demand to a wide range of accessory businesses
This is a possible course.




I love making it, from the basics
If there are people learning
Having already obtained a license while operating a workshop
Necessity and sales skills and know-how
For those who want to know more and start studying
There are many different beginnings.​



To obtain a license for this craft course,
First of all, the curriculum should be good, but
Everyone knows that the cost of education is not insignificant.
You should know.



The Korean education craft course removes the bubble
We train only the necessary parts, and
Because it starts with cost, many people
You are starting without any hesitation.


Excluding training costs, the remaining costs are
There is no skill or know-how in the lecture.
The quality is so worth the price.


People who like to create
Han Education Custom Jewelry Instructor Course
Key rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches, etc.
A variety of unique jewelry pieces
Try making it.

Integrated course from basic course to instructor course
You will be very satisfied with the contents of the lecture.



Material selection know-how
how to buy materials
How to make a special gift yourself
How to create and sell art
Know-how to start a business on the sidelines, etc.

If you want to know all this
Learn to become a custom jewelry instructor.


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