Napkin Art Instructor The easiest way to start a new profitable business

Napkin Art Instructor The easiest way to start a new profitable business

Hello, I’m Han’s education manager.Today, I will briefly explain the Napkin Art Instructor curriculum, which is steadily gaining popularity.Do you know that this napkin is often seen around us and becomes an item for a new profit start-up? ​​



It is a curriculum where you can learn how to upcycle new products, old props, and useless objects embedded in your house by attaching them to materials such as wood, cloth, glass, metal plastic, etc. ​​

It is a popular craft certificate that is consistently popular due to its high utilization in our new life as it has the advantage of learning the fun of reform, the value of recycling, and the sense of integrated red color.^^​​​



There are many subjects that I want to start first and learn in the craft curriculum, but I can’t help but think about the high cost of materials. On the other hand, napkin art generates the most profit from cheap materials, so even if you fail, it’s best to start.​​

It can be glued to various materials such as wood, metal glass, plastic, and fabric, so it has the advantage of making a pretty picture as if it were painted by me even if I am not confident in the painting and have no artistic sense.If I listen to the lecture and do it, I can feel like I’m becoming a writer like a lie.​​



The materials needed for napkin art include semi-finished products, napkins, gesso, acrylic paints, brushes, sponges, Gless Varnish, and solutions needed for techniques.Once you’ve listened to a lecture, you don’t have to have a sense of art to find the ingredients of napkin art or to decorate it.​​​

You can learn various techniques in the Korean Napkin Art Instructor curriculum.Techniques to make napkin art stand out Make your own work with various and unique techniques such as making cracks using creedium and expressing it in three dimensions, so make your own work and challenge for certificates!!​​​​



Prior to obtaining a certificate, there is no limit to the qualification, and there is no burden because it starts with easy-to-get ingredients. If it’s for this reason, I can’t help but learn, right?​​​



Start your new start-up skills and know-how in one education.For more information about the napkin art instructor, click below to connect.

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