Mechanical keyboard type, different keys depending on the type!

Mechanical keyboard type, different keys depending on the type!​​



Recently, many people have changed their keyboards to mechanical keyboards.In the past, we used membrane keyboards, but due to various advantages, we now use mechanical keyboards at home. So today, we’re going to talk about mechanical keyboard types.​

Mechanical keyboards can be divided into three types: large click, non-click, and linear. Of course, each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. First, the click type has a auditory axis. Cheongchuk is a method that delivers the feeling of a mechanical keyboard with a clicking sound when you hit a gun, and is the most preferred type for those who play games that need to be clearly distinguished from the hitting.​



The auditory and tactile feedback is really strong, and the keyboard feeling is really strong. That’s why it’s also favored by introducers.The sound is very cheerful, but it feels a little noisy to use at night or in public.Because the color is blue, it is expressed as Cheongchuk.​

The next non-click type has a conflict.It doesn’t feel as tight as a click-type green shaft, and it doesn’t give a loud or refreshing feeling because it only makes a good click sound.It is suitable for long-term typing because it has less noise and less force than a green shaft.But it’s kind of hard to feel like you’re hitting a mechanical keyboard.​



The following types of mechanical keyboards are linear: red axis and black axis.There is almost no click sound because it goes down without getting caught when typing. However, the height is low, but the key pressure is heavy, so it is also very good for typing for a long time because it is pressed quickly or gently.​

However, because the key pressure is so sensitive, typos often occur, so cloud batting is also necessary.It can be said that there is almost no earth that is pressed or not.Due to the popularity of mechanical keyboards, many visitors are considering which type to choose, but the best choice is to try the tag on your own.​



Because the advantages and disadvantages of each type of mechanical keyboard vary, you can purchase and purchase according to your use, and your choice may vary depending on your environment. That’s why you should consider it carefully and try a mechanical keyboard to make a good choice.​